A Day in Burgundy, Part II

Three weeks ago, I spent a lovely Saturday in the company of Marjorie and Kendall, getting to know Beaune and the region of Burgundy through the food, the wine, their personal stories and amazing uplifting spirits. The Cook’s Atelier is not just a store with traditional French cooking supplies and wines, it’s the result of a family’s passion and hard work and you can feel this the moment you step in.

“A Day in Burgundy” is their way of showing visitors of the region why they love Beaune so much. The workshop starts with a tour of the local food market that is simply incredible. Marjorie and Kendall introduced us to their favorite local producers, from cheeses to all other kinds of fresh and organic produce. Just walking through the market is a feast for the eyes and the local produce is mouth-watering simply eaten directly from the food stands. Tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes and blackberries taste like blackberries!

After the food market tour, we went back to the atelier, put on our beautiful aprons, had a cup of the best coffee in town prepared by Kendall’s husband and started getting our hands dirty. The kitchen is simply amazing! Copper pots and pans from the famous French brand Mauviel are everywhere. And the stove… pure heaven! I think I’ve never taken so many pictures in one day. There was so much prettiness in every little corner!

Have you ever had a 7-course lunch? Champagne and charcuterie to start, followed by gougères (cheese and herb-filled choux pastry), colorful heirloom tomato salad, cheese soufflé, roasted veggies, vegetable gratin, lamb roast, a rich selection of local cheeses with bread from the market, blackberry cake, orange madeleines and fresh local plums. And an incredible selection of Burgundy wines topped off once again with the best coffee in Beaune. Not to mention some tasting done already while cooking in @thecooksatelier dreamy kitchen 💕. If I could, I would pack it all up and take it home with me!

I can’t find the words to describe how lovely the entire day was. My sincerest and warmest thank you to Marjorie, Kendall and the whole team for welcoming us so warmly and sharing with us their passion for food and the region. Thank you also to Catherine, Niel, Cassandra and Kieth, new friends that shared this wonderful experience with me. To anyone and everyone who enjoys cooking, good food, amazing wine and a day spent in the friendliest atmosphere, I truly recommend coming to Beaune and spending a day at The Cook’s Atelier! I left Beaune with a very full tummy (everything was soooo good!!), but most importantly, with a full heart and lovely memories.

The Market Tour in Beaune



Cooking & enjoying a 7-course lunch at the Cook’s Atelier



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